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5 things consumers need to know about CBD.

1. It is very difficult for the body to absorb CBD

CBD and other cannabinoid particles are very difficult for the body to absorb. Apiverde products are made using patented technology developed at MIT to shrink the size of the CBD and cannabinoid oil particles. This nanotechnology allows us to create smaller oil droplets that are easily absorbed by the body.

This means that you get more of the desired effect you are looking for.

2. CBD only works if your body absorbs it

A wide array of studies suggest that only about 18%, or less, of standard CBD is actually absorbed. In contrast, nano CBD has an absorption rate of around 90%.

When it comes to CBD, bioavailability is everything.

Grifoni L, Vanti G, Donato R, Sacco C, Bilia AR. Promising Nanocarriers to Enhance Solubility and Bioavailability of Cannabidiol for a Plethora of Therapeutic Opportunities. Molecules. 2022 Sep 17;27(18):6070. doi: 10.3390/molecules27186070. PMID: 36144803; PMCID: PMC9502382.

3. Spend less and get more

Because nano CBD has a 5 times better absorption rate over non-nano CBD, one bottle of Apiverde Nano CBD has as much bioavailable CBD as 5 bottles of common CBD oil.

4. Feel the effects faster

Nano CBD reaches the bloodstream much faster than regular CBD, so it begins to work quickly. You will begin to feel the the effects of Apiverde Nano CBD in 15 minutes or less. Normal CBD tincture will take about 45 minutes and you’ll need to take a lot more of it to feel the same effect.

5. Normal CBD degrades very quickly, Apiverde Nano CBD does not

Studies show that normal CBD degrades as much as 35%, or more, when exposed to summer temperatures or sunlight. It is perishable and delicate. Nano CBD is exponentially more stable and protected from this. In fact, nano CBD was kept in high heat for 30 days and had a loss of less than 1%.

Mazzetti, C., Ferri, E., Pozzi, M. et al. Quantification of the content of cannabidiol in commercially available e-liquids and studies on their thermal and photo-stability.. Sci Rep 10, 3697 (2020).

Safe. Consistent. Effective.

Apiverde is committed to providing the highest quality CBD and wellness products on the market. Our products are safe, consistent, and effective. We understand that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to finding relief and relaxation.

That’s why we take extra care in providing the best quality products that are independently tested for safety and effectiveness. With Apiverde, you can trust that you’re getting the safest, most consistent product. So you can relax, get better sleep, and feel better overall.

Begin your journey to wellness and relaxation today!

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